Anatolian Imam Hatip High School Students Have Introduced Their Schools in the Conference Held in Arabic

‘The Seminar on Messages in Arabic from Anatolia’ organized for imam hatip high school students has been held by Directorate General for Religious Teaching (DGRT), in cooperation with Support for Science Society (İLDES) and 29 Mayıs University Arabic Learning Center (ARÖMER).

The online seminar programme has been broadcasted live on DGRT YouTube Channel.

İhsan Erkul, Head of Department for Improving Learning Processes and Educational Environments – Directorate General for Religious Teaching; Veli Kamiloğlu, Ceo of Support for Science Society (İLDES); Dr. İbrahim Helalşah, faculty member of 29 Mayıs University Faculty of Theology – Arabic Language and Rhetoric and  Muhammed Tarık Ablak from Sakarya University – Department of Turkish Language and Literature have participated the programme.

Sude Bilgen from Mehmet Akif Ersoy AIHHS for Girls, Asude Şaşkın from Mehmet Akif Ersoy AIHHS for Girls, Betül Öztürk from Trabzon AIHHS for Girls, Ayşenur Gören from Atakum AIHHS, Şeyma Çınar from Mehmet Emin Saraç AIHHS, Emir Maruf Şatır from Beyoğlu AIHHL, Osman Sezgin from Tahir Büyükkörükçü AIHHS, İsmail Mikdat Özkan from Mehmet Emin Saraç AIHHS and Ahmet Kefçi from Ömer Çam AIHHS have informed about the brief histories of their schools and the important people who have endeavored so much during the foundation phase of these schools.

The students have also introduced the Anatolian imam hatip high schools, syllabus diversity applied at these schools, AIHHS applications that apply preparation class for foreign languages and the cities they live in.