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بوابة التعليم الديني الدولي

Türkiye'de Din Eğitimi - Religious Education In Turkey - التعليم الديني في تركيا

International Anatolian Imam Hatip High Schools

International Anatolian Imam Hatip High School Project aims at; contributing to raise religious service staff and religious education staff in Muslim countries and in the other countries –where Muslims live, – developing educational and cultural cooperation by supporting the willing students to have religious education
before higher education. These high schools have been established in order to unionize culturally with the
people from every country in which Muslim population lives and either to see the accumulation in different geographies or to transfer ours.

Latest News

“International Sister-School Meeting that Crosses the Borders” has been Organized

Under the auspices of Directorate General for Religious Teaching, within the context of “International Sister-School Project that Crosses the Borders”, the programme called “Ramadan Meeting with Children of the Conqueror”[…]

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The Contest on “Proper Adhan Reciting” has been Held in the Safe Zone in the Northern Syria

The final of the Contest on “Proper Adhan Reciting” organized for the Imam Hatip students in the terror-free Safe Zone at the North of Syria (owing to the Operation Euphrates[…]

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Dr. Hişam Et-Talip, The President of International Islamic Thought Institute has Met Imam Hatip Students

Dr. Hişam Et-Talip, The President of International Islamic Thought Institute has met imam hatip students at the conference held in Arabic by Directorate General for Religious Teaching within the scope[…]

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